Aflac Training Ducks To Steal Money From The Uninsured

Sterling Manchester II
• TopekasNews
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In the image above, we see an innocent woman is being robbed blind by the Aflac duck, right outside their corporate headquarters in Washington, DC.  These are the times in which we live.  Once proud insurance companies are having to resort to desperate measures to stay afloat, as Obama’s freedom-strangling insurance scheme comes to fruition.

Obama promised to be the most progressive president during his campaign, but we can see he has all but abandoned the principles that can make this country strong:  no guns (even for Secret Service), no nuclear weapons, open borders for all nations, allow illegal immigrants, take ratings off movies/video games, eliminate all taxes, give everyone 100% health insurance and finally do not destroy our business enterprises.

Obama promised he could do all these things for us, but he has failed.  And now we end up with the image above.  Aflac cannot be clamed for taking such desperate action.  Since Obama has become president, 100s of once proud American companies have gone bankrupt.  His Draconian policies, mere reflections of the Bush doctrine, have put us in this place.

Things will only get worse for America if we do not get a true progressive into office.  My ideal presidential ticket would be Bill Maher and Al Franken, their genius, wordsmithing and expertise would rattle the quasi-democrat and Republican power elite to their very core.

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