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America Celebrates Birth of Christ By Yet Again Flaunting Wealth, Not Helping The Poor

Lead by Ted Cruz and friends, America’s Republican Christian elite once again prepare to celebrate the birth of the world’s Lord and Savior by buying copious amounts of expensive gifts, while not thinking twice that money used to procure the Xbox One, expensive handbags or thousands of dollars in ‘holiday treats’ could instead be used say, feed a hungry child in the Philippines or pay for an uninsured father to receive life-saving medication.

As the prime Holiday season nears, Republicans have continued to rip upon Obamacare, finding it reprehensible that the country would enact a law that essentially ‘gives to the poor’.  Kansas Governor Sam Brownback is celebrating this Christmas season by making sure needy people go hungry and ‘cracking down on poor Kansans’.

D.T. Breinscope, a Republican strategist for non-profit ‘Rebuilding Capital America’, explains why Republicans, who purport to be Christians, are taking such a strong, contrasted stand to the teachings of Christ, during his birthday:  “Liberals like to cherry-pick the Bible, picking out the juicy passages that fit their agenda.  They want to sugarcoat everything and make it seem like God is not against slothful people ruining our economy.  And Jesus could have never predicted so many lazy, unmotivated people would live in the country destined to bring the world to a higher purpose driven life of faith and morality.  That is why we must embrace capitalism at Christmas.  If poor families want to partake in Christmas gifts, they need to earn those gifts, that health insurance, that medicine and that food themselves.  Merry Christmas.”