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Ann Coulter Finally Confesses She Is A Man on Twitter

ann coulter man nigeria twitter fail
ann coulter man nigeria twitter fail

[adsense]Social media is abuzz after conservative commentator Ann Coulter confessed her manhood on Twitter.

Now going by Ann “The Man” Coulter on the commentary circuit, the controversial pundit shocked many of her fellow Republicans by revealing she is actually a veiled wolf in a sheep’s skin.

“It feels good to finally let my hair down and let it all hang out,” Coulter gushed as she was interviewed via satellite by Ellen DeGeneres.  “Trying to hide all my testosterone fueled aggression behind a wall of ignorant, misplaced rants and yelling grew quite tiring.  Now I can finally let the world see me for me.”

downloadFor years, many held great suspicion that Ann Coulter’s impressive Adam’s Apple was the whispering of a greater secret.  Now  it seem’s the cat is out of the bag or actually, the hot dog is out of the bun.