Ask Haywood: Can You Smoke Marijuana Weed At Mile High Stadium?

Davis Wade Stadium

Typical weed flooded street in Colorado, hardly 10% visibility.

Q: You write a lot of articles about marijuana usage in Colorado, so I am assuming you are privy to lifestyle in the area. Can you answer this: can one actually smoke marijuana at Mile High Stadium?

– Concerned Fan in San Diego

Dear Concerned Fan,

Of course, the little weed tooting miscreants of Mile High have always puffed devil’s lettuce in the stadium. During the drug fueled 1970s, it became so common for the fans there to smoke the hashed that the moniker Mile “High” Stadium was used as a joke. But the people of Denver knew otherwise.

Since the government of Colorado decided to legalize nature’s most dangerous drug, I am assuming that they are selling it alongside conies and slushies at the field now.