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Atheist Mob Destroys Sistine Chapel, Erases God From ‘Creation of Adam’



[adsense]Rome, Italy – Italian authorities have issued a high alert after the Sistine Chapel was defaced by a loud, throbbing mob of people identifying themselves as “Friendly Atheists.”

Hopped up on a 3-hour binge of watching Cosmos reruns, the mob became under the possession of Satan and brainwashed into doing the unthinkable:  defacing a holy monument.

The sudden attack allegedly involved copious amounts of paint thinner, which was used to scrub God right out of the real-life display of man’s origin.

An anonymous spokesman from the Friendly Atheists group warned that the unprecedented attack was the first of many and that ‘there is a large Jesus statue in South America that would be fun to topple into the ocean, an offering for the great Holy Spaghetti Monster.”