Bieber Pot Party Pictures Prove Why ‘Singer’ Is Going Crazy

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Justin Bieber and his little band of deliquent friends threw a pot party in Calabasas last night. Our colleagues over at TMZ have exclusive rights to the party pictures, which blatantly show that the ‘singer’ is smoking the most dangerous drug on Earth.

bieber pot partyThe full set of party drugs consumed by the little narcos can be seen at right, but I distinctly see liquid LSD, minced marijuana, marijuana needles and a Everclear bonged tower that is probably full of liquid marijuana.  They mix all those drugs with alcohol and then do wild and crazy things.

The table we see at left completely explains every single one of Justin Bieber’s weird actions as of late.  For months I’ve pondered and wondered how a simple little kid from Canada could cause so much heartache and trouble for our country.

Only last week, the little misfit taunted our TSA by stripping off his shirt and baring his chest to them, trying to entice them into thinking about gay twinked thoughts that are commonplace in Hollywood.  He was trying to distract them from their jobs, most likely so he could import more of all that deadly susbtance you see spread across the table to the right.

Bieber and his friends allegedly toked themselves all through the night, then woke up the next morning to check out the new white Lambhorghini the little twit had dropped off to his front door.  Marky ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg and a very drugged Bieber came across Paparazzi taking pictures of the car, and quickly went into a marijuana induced roid rage and attacked the innocent photographers.

In addition to beating up this innocent Hispanic photographer, Bieber then sped off in his awesome new car with C-Lo Green.

When we reached Justin Bieber’s mother for comment, all she could do is pray with us for this star’s health. Here we see exactly why America must remain a moral country and ban weed smoking. It is dangerous. We will continue to see Bieber’s life be destroyed in the coming weeks by the devil’s lettuce and as much as it will pain my heart to say ‘I told you so’, when he has a nervous breakdown just like we saw Britney Spears do several years ago, I’ll have no choice but to say it.

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