Bill Clinton Photobombs Kelly Clarkson, What Is He Really Thinking?

Emersyn Wachovia Watson
• TopekasNews
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What Is Bill Clinton Thinking?

Bill Clinton Photobomb

“Hey Kelly Clarkson, that is a strong grip you have on that microphone.  I got something else you can grip and sing into.”

“You want to sing a High C into my presidnetial micorphone?  Ooh, ooh.”

I am not sure what is more entertaining.  Trying to figure out what Bill Clinton is thinking as he suggestively peers at Clarkson so suggestively holding that microphone, or that Wendy’s from Wendy’s to his right seems amused at everything going on.  And since it does not get any better than Bill Clinton seducing a singer as he eats a Wendy’s hamburger fried up by Wendy herself, there you have the Clinton photobomb.

Share thoughts on what you think former President Clinton is thinking, and keep it cleaner than an imported cigarro.


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