Can Christian Businesses Finally Deny Health Insurance to Atheists?


The Supreme Court’s decision to give human and religious rights to businesses opens up a world of possibilities wealthy Republican business owners, lobbyists, pastors and politicians in the War on Liberals.  (pictured:  Future President Mitt Romney and colleagues)

The new Supreme Court ruling for Hobby Lobby opens up a litany of possibilities for Christians to make life a little rougher for atheists.

In a 5-4 decision yesterday, the 5 moral justices of the Supreme Court correctly ruled that Christian companies have religious rights that trump the so-called ‘reproductive rights’ of women.   These rights don’t stop at a woman’s womb.  A company’s religious rights must be extended to the lifestyle of all employees, including women, gays and atheists.

If a woman getting an abortion or trying to use contraception can be denied by Christian employers, then it only stands to reason that employees who take sin a step further a deny the existence of God and Jesus, then try to use up health insurance benefits, do not deserve corporate health insurance.

I argue that because atheists necessarily do not believe in the power of prayer, they are denying themselves an important medical treatment.  Christian employees respect prayer from pastors and their bosses, which drives down healthcare costs and insurance risk whenever God decides to do a miracle or faith healing.

Atheist employees reject prayer, therefore making them a greater health risk for the company and also making their surgeries more risky.  Employer’s should not have to give health insurance to such high risk patients.  The new Supreme Court law should make it quite comfortable and easy to enforce such policies.

What is great here is that to keep health insurance, many atheists are going to have to stay in-the-closet or convert to Christianity if they want to see their doctor, their family to have health insurance or even better get any pharmaceuticals.

This is definitely a win-win for the moral majority of America and our long-term goal of restoring America’s Christian tradition and Godly heritage as the centerpiece of our nation.