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Cat Attacks Portland Family, Tries To Eat Them

cat attacks portland family
cat attacks portland family


PORTLAND, Ore. (CBS) – An Oregon family was forced to hide in their bedroom after the family cat decided to make them its prey.  The shocking story proves that cats are always feral carnivores who will viciously hunt and eat their owners.

The backstory starts with a family cat named Lux, pictured above.  In the early a.m. hours, the cat became incensed with unbelievable bloodlust after the family’s baby simply pulled its tail while playing.  The cat suddenly whipped its claws out and gave the baby several lacerations to its forehead.

The family dog then came on the scene, bravely barking and trying to ward off the little vermin.   The cat was not daunted and tried to attack the rest of the family as well.  Terrified from the feline’s display of jungle behavior, the family fled to a bedroom where they barricaded themselves behind a closed door and immediately called 911.

Then in the phone call, one can hear the sounds of absolute terror taking place.  WIBW reports:

The cat can be heard screeching in the background of the call as Palmer says in a panicked voice: “He’s charging us. He’s at our bedroom door.”

Palmer told the dispatcher the cat has been violent in the past, but apparently Lux had never done anything on this scale.

“I was scared, I’ll be honest,” Barker told CBS affiliate KOIN.

Brave police officers responding to the scene flanked the cat, springing snare traps to lure the animal and then placing it through the crate.  To cat tried to savage its way through solid steel, fortunately to no avail.  It remains unconfirmed if the thickets of marijuana smoke that are common in Portland’s medicinal marijuana legal air had anything to do with the cat’s extreme hunger and desperate craving for flesh.

The owners of the cat are merciful and plan to have it evaluated by a vet and examined by a pet psychologist.

For those who are thinking of adopting a pet, please remember that cats are very dangerous, wild vermin creatures and will not hesitate to eat your family.  Please be responsible and adopt a proper animal pet such as a dog or goldfish.