Brats Trick Grandma Into Eating A Weed Cookie

Warning:  This post contains shocking media where some brat grandchildren have tricked grandma into eating a weed cookie.  Weed cookies are very dangerous because they contain the deadly hallucinogen ‘cannabis’, the primary ingredient in bath salts (thus the associated root word, cannibal.  Only qualified minds should watch, women and underage...

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Terrorists Slip Poison Into Drinks At Starbucks

San Jose, California – Police in San Jose found boxes of tainted orange juice on hallowed grounds at Starbucks.  Officials suspect that a woman replaced boxes of pure squeezed Starbucks orange juice with tainted ones.  Like many other customers, police officials indicate they are puzzled by the motive of the...

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minecraft gay agenda

Does Minecraft XBLA Have A Secret Agenda?

Minecraft is a trasnsitional communist to oligarchy game meant to undermine progressive ideals that make America strong. Largely popularized under the Reagan administration, Minecraft made its first appearances in early versions of the Windows computerized gaming engine, a system meant to slowly transform the once proud and hardworking American workforce into a...

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