Russians Ask Putin “Annex Us State of Alaska, It Is Ours”, Putin Responds “Not Yet, It’s Still Too Cold”

[adsense]Moscow, Russia – Emboldened by the quick takeover of Crimea and now other areas of the Ukraine, Russian citizens eagerly called in to President Putin early today to discuss Russia’s global growth and reestablishment as a superpower. The most disturbing, chilling question from the event came from a pensioner, Faina Ivanovna,...

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kim jong un vladimir putin

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un Announce Openly Gay Relationship, Plan Global ‘Reign of Tyranny’ as New Power Couple

  The House of Un has married into Russian Vladimir Putin, creating a new power couple whose aim is ‘focused on destroying Yankee capitalism and bringing bright future North Korea’. [adsense]Moscow, Russia – Now shunned by the world’s economically powerful G-7 countries, Vladimir Putin’s Russian Federation is in a weakened...

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Vladimir Putin Divorces Wife

[adsense]Moscow, Russia – In between invading Crimea and ensuring his country was barred from the G8, Vladimir Putin made sure to take time to dump his wife. Insiders within Russia speculate Putin has carried on a long time affair and the divorce from his wife is a simple formality that...

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Obama ‘Freezes’ Putin’s Facebook Account, Warns Of ‘Harsher’ Sanctions if Russia Won’t Leave Crimea

[adsense]Early Tuesday US officials seized Vladimir Putin’s Facebook account as part of their sanctions against Russia for annexing the Crimea region of Ukraine. Russian officials instantly took to their Twitter accounts, mocking Obama and his administration by calling them ‘pranksters’. Russian officials seemed to not be worried about US sanctions,...

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Florida Man Shoots Cop In the Leg, Claims Stand Your Grand Law Defense

Pensacola, Florida – A Florida man named Kennan Finkelstein is facing charges after shooting a sheriff’s deputy in the leg.  According to court reports, Finkelstein is invoking ‘Stand Your Grand” law as justification for shooting the cop in the leg. The backstory started in the Scenic Hills area of Pensacola....

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Three Pastors Arrested By American Police For Being Christian

Akron, Ohio – If anyone is to be taken captive, to captivity he goes.  Here is a call for the endurance and faith of the saints.   -Revelations 13:10  [adsense]My dear Christian friends and good subscribers, the end times are truly here.  We are living in cruel days, evil hours.  The time...

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