Shocked Herman Cain Discovers GOP Has Been Using Him As ‘Token Black’

[adsense]Herman ‘The Train’ Cain, 2012 presidential hopeful and known affectionately as ‘Cornbread’ by many of his snickering fellows, noticed something strange after receiving a letter from GOP headquarters.  The list for 2016 ‘potential candidates’ seemed to lack a certain listing of people: “The RNC sent out a flyer to some...

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Chris Christie Vows To Protect Trans Fat, Create McDonald’s ‘Super Christie Sized’ Meals if Elected President in 2016

Stampeding ahead after his landslide gubernatorial victory in New Jersey, Governor Chris Christie is using old-school campaign tactics to garner votes and support for his eventual 2016 presidential run. “The way to an American’s heart is through his belly,” Christie reported to the Associated Press, between mouthfuls of a dipped...

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Putin Ends NATO Missle Pact, Warns E.U. To ‘Prepare For War’

  Russia launches full-scale ground invasion of neighboring states, demands EU ‘prepare for total war’. Moscow, Russia (EU Times) – A militant Vladimir Putin stood before his military commanders early Saturday, announcing that Russia has ended its compliance with the NATO missile pact and warning the world to ‘prepare for war’....

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Obama Apologizes For All His Lies on Obamacare, 15 Million Americans Losing Health Insurance Due to Obamacare

President Obama forced to apologize as over 15 million Americans will lose their current health insurance due to Obamacare. [adsense]Washington, DC – President Barack Obama finally apologizes for all his lies on Obamacare.   Well, well, well, I hate to say I told you so, but, I told you so....

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Obama to Aides: ‘I’m Really Good At Killing People’

A new book named Double Down:  Game Change 2012 cites President Barack Obama telling his aides that he’s “really good at killing people.” While discussing drone strikes last year, Obama apparently stated the line to his staffers.  Washington Post quickly caught wind of the fact in their review of the book and now...

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Chinese State Media Shows Plans to Nuke American Cities

Today on Chinese tv, the state run news agency casually revealed China’s plan to wipe out every major US city with nuclear Armageddon.   According to the report, China expects that their arsenal of nuclear submarines are so vast and high-tech that the United States could not withstand an onslaught. ...

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