Cats Kill Billions Of Animals Every Year

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Cats kill billions of creatures every year, new study

Cats kill billions of animals: according to new facts, scientists have found cats kill between 1.5 billion and 3.7 billion birdrs every year. On top of that number, cats kill between 7.1 billion to 20.7 billion small aniamsl.

Cats are a problem species of animal that have gone from being a simple human companion to an ecological menace. While cats have little to no worthwhile quality, today’s report into how devastating these little furballs of doom are for other creatures makes it imperative that we do all we can the curb the cat population.

Naturalist Pete Marra estimates that cats have killed over 15% of the bird population in the near year. As the cat populuation continues to explode like a cluster of fertility drug toking cockroaches, we can expect to see the number of birds in the sky dwindle.

Shocking Death Toll

Over 85 million cats are owned in America. This total does not include stray cats. Marra and his team studied population samples of household cats and found terrifying results. On average, one household cat will savage 18 to 20 adult birds per year, in addition to 25 mammals.

While these numbers are startling, it gets even worse when analyzing the killing trends of feral and stray cats that live on the street. These types of rodent number to 50 – 80 million, and are estimated to kill between 23 to 46 birds a year. They also kill between 129 and 338 small mammals, according to Marra’s report.

Touch, Strong Solutions Must Be Found

The world cannot live without birds and small mammals, but cats are not necessary. If one owns a cat, her or she needs to steralize it and keep it indoors. The nation of New Zealand lost 19 species of bird and several mammal species. A native tribe also almost died due to cat exposure illness, because the problem with strays and their germs persisted.
New Zealand smartly created a complete cat ban, makingm cats an illegal animal in their country.

Since being cat free, New Zealand has enjoyed one of strongest flourishing economies and most healthy workforce.


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