Cheater Bronco Peyton Manning Finally Arrested for Marijuana Possession



Shocked referee stares in disbelief as a marijuana fueled Peyton Manning easily tosses two San Diego Chargers to the ground, leaping into the air off his broken left ankle like a gazelle.

[adsense]For months I warned every one of you Bronco’s fans that your golden boy Peyton Manning was hopping up on hashish marijuana before every game, getting all sorts of unnatural abilities by conditioning himself on the performance enhancing drug.

There was just no way anyone could have as good a year as Peyton Manning, at his age, without some sort of ‘goods’ to put you over the edge.  We see Peyton’s edge was marijuana and it finally caught up to him.

NFL quarterback Peyton Manning has finally been arrested on marijuana charges.  I could hardly contain my joy today when my intern informed me of the breaking headline.    This little story should be a great lesson to all the pothead fans in Colorado.

In Green Bay, it is okay to be a CheeseHead.  It is legal and a great food.  But the rest of us won’t put up with your PotHead antics, Colorado.  I’m hoping the NFL just goes ahead and forces Peyton Manning into retirement after all the shame and embarrassment of him being arrested on marijuana charges really sets in.