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Chinese Scientists Play God, Create Giraffe-Elephant Chimera

chinese scientists
chinese scientists

Today Chinese National Media is buzzing with news of the country’s latest genetic achievement, a giraffe-elephant hybrid.

[adsense]Beijing, China – China continues to display its scientific superiority to America.  For no other reason than showing the world, namely America,  how far its abilities in genetic manipulation have come, Chinese scientists revealed today their newest creation, a giraffe-elephant chimera.

The animal has the skin and internal organ bauplän of a giraffe, yet by its external structure we can see the body of a standard African-elephant.  The height of the elephant is taller than normal, nearing twenty feet.  The animal was purportedly created in-vitro at college lab near Beijing, then raised in secret for its big reveal unto the world today.

This elephant represents too much power for one country to have.  If the Chinese can successfully create hybrids such as this, the big question is what can they not do?  Imagine eagles flying overhead, with the scorpion tails and razor sharp tiger fangs, just waiting to eat you up.

Or African-Rock pythons that can camouflage into any surrounding like a lizards, or even worse given legs on which to run and chase your small children down for a quick, easy meal.  Doesn’t sound fun, does it?

These are just a small reason of why we cannot allow this type of genetic manipulation to take place.  If any country should be playing God, it should be America.  And since we are not allowing it, then no other country should be doing it at all.

I’ve written a letter to the Chinese embassy in Washington and have demanded they stop doing these genetic experiments effective immediately.  Many members of my congregation signed onto the letter as a sign of petition, so let us hope they respect the wishes of humanity and put this monstrosity down before it damages an ecosystem, and then stop doing genetic experiments.