Chinese State Media Shows Plans to Nuke American Cities

Today on Chinese tv, the state run news agency casually revealed China’s plan to wipe out every major US city with nuclear Armageddon.   According to the report, China expects that their arsenal of nuclear submarines are so vast and high-tech that the United States could not withstand an onslaught. 

“Within minutes, the United States would be a destroyed wasteland.”

The People’s Liberation Army, China’s official military, warned today that its ICBM missiles have a range of over 7,500 miles and each warhead has the ability to ‘kill between 5 to 12 million Americans.”

Each Chinese nuclear submarine and stealth bomber carries a payload of twelve of these warheads.  Therefore one Chinese nuclear submarine can kill over 120 million Americans.  It would take only an unprecedented and unseen missile launch by two of these submarines to nearly wipe out the entire population of America.

It is beyond unnerving that only two of China’s submarines can destroy the United States.  But what is even more troubling is that China broadcast this news on their state run tv today and the people of the nation were seen ‘celebrating in the streets’.  The most unnerving thing is that officials in Washington have confirmed since 2010, China has vastly increased its naval arsenal and they are not bluffing.  China is mass-producing these submarines and may already have dozens within the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, their exact location unknown to US and UN officials.