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Colorado Courts Releasing All Marijuana Addicts from Prison


Now that marijuana is legal in Colorado, all the dangerous marijuana cartel operators and their dealers are being released from prison.  Marijuana drug runners are among the most dangerous, volatile and unpredictable of criminals.

The marijuana in their system gives them roid-rage type logic.  These dangerous criminals are prone to bouts of extreme violence and aggression, unquenchable lust fueled by their addiction to marijuana.  These shaky individuals will do anything, and I do mean anything, to get their next fix of the devil’s lettuce.

All this trouble started when Barack Obama gave states the right to decide if they wanted to legalize marijuana.  Colorado potheads quickly created and somehow voted through Amendment 64, making the hallucinogenic drug legalized on their streets.

Tens of thousands of marijuana criminals are just going to be let onto the street.  How scary is that?  Obama claims that he smoked a little of the Habibi’s hashed terror hookah when he was in college, and that he could have been thrown in the slammer and then we wouldn’t have him as a president if that were the case.

I say wonderful!  Look at all the criminal things he has done to us!:  forcing us to pay for Obamacare, fighting two costly wars, refusing to bring freedom to Crimea, did not let us invade Iran to secure all the oil there, increased taxes on hardworking American businesses forcing them to go bankrupt.  The list goes on and on.