Colorado Man Dies from Marijuana Exacerbated Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), First American Victim

colorado mers
[adsense]Aurora, Colorado – The deadly MERS (Marijuana Exacerbated Respiratory Syndrome) plague has claimed the first victim in America. To the people of Colorado, sadly I must say I told you so. Marijuana is the most dangerous and annoying drug of all time, and yet, you people of Colorado voted to legalize that salacious herb of Satan. Now a young man has lost his life and marijuana induced sickness is to blame.

colorado mers

A Colorado man Duncan McClaskey is the first American victim of MERS. Officials from the WHO say the deadly marijuana induced virus is the first known plant to animal pathogen that travel by viral route.

Locals are holding small rallies, demanding anyone who may have been exposed to the contagious marijuana strain to be quarantined.

“Since the state legalized marijuana, it is not uncommon to see people smoking their spliffers in broad daylight and coughing hard.  I thought it was just from the rancid smoke, but now I see they were sick with plague,” reported Dana Hughes, who planned to drive to her in-law’s house in Kansas until the Colorado government could promise full quarantine and safety.

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Officials remove pets from home where first victim of Marijuana Virus resided in Colorado.  It is suspected that he smoked a strain infected with the deadly Marijuana virus, which leads to a new illness known as Marijuana Exacerbated Respiratory Syndrome.  No report is available on if the Colorado ASPCA had to put the marijuana virus exposed animals to sleep for incineration.  

Researchers report the marijuana-viral strain most closely resembles a coronavirus, a deadly pathogen that can wreck havoc on a human’s immune system.    The MERS virus is highly contagious and can be caught my smoking marijuana, sniffing second hand marijuana smoke (contact high or accidental exposure) or by being coughed on by an infected marijuana addict.

The horrid stench of marijuana is worse than a thousand rotting skunk carcasses and that rotten scent of ‘skunk weed’ made it up to heaven so now we’re being hit with a plague as punishment for this sin. This plague is only the tip of the iceberg if we do not gather up all marijuana in the United States and burn it until there is none left.