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Colorado Officials: 3 out of 5 Students Suffering Marijuana-induced Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

days marijuana in bloodstream
madhd-worried-parents[adsense]Denver, Colorado – Students in Colorado are suffering from Marijuana-induced Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder.  Officials have completed a study ordered by the Colorado Board of Higher Education, trying to find a correlative and eventually causative reason for substantially decreased test scores in students aged 15 – 22 in the state.
Questionnaires and lab work were given to a test population of students and the results are more than troubling.  Students with marijuana compounds in the bloodstream were 60 more likely to have ADHD.  Those without marijuana had more rare cases, only 1 out of every 30 students.

The study shows a clear link between cannabis and ADHD, which has already prompted Colorado’s powerful ‘Big Mary’ lobbies to try to can the research.

days marijuana in bloodstream

In the data above, we can see random subjects B, G, and E were only exposed to second-hand marijuana smoke, which contains the dangerous chemical marijuana metabolite.  Several other subjects were given oral doses of the substance (eaten) and look at how even after 150 days, the human body cannot get rid of marijuana.

THC-COOC is the causative factor of M-ADHD.



More data shows how even in the urine, THC-COOH is in the urine for these users of ‘the chronic’.  The body simply cannot get rid of the substance, even after one smoke.  Repeated smoking causes permanent damage to neurological pathways, causing M-ADHD.


If your student suffers any of these symptoms of marijuanda-induced ADHD, immediately make them receive drug testing.  If they refuse and say you have no right to make them do that, threaten to make them drop out of college by taking away their car, not helping pay for tuition or dropping them off your health insurance.

Your child will whine, but I can bet you they will comply.  If you find them guilty of smoking marijuana, you should just pull them out of school anyway and make them attend church with you for a year before trying college again.  They will think you for it when they aren’t a Cheetos-stained finger college dropout living in poverty and not able to pay attention to anything important.

Symptoms of Marijuana-ADHD:  Anger, Inattentive Driving, Inattentive Communication (trying to text on their phone when you are talking to them, repeatedly checking their phone for messages, neurotically rummaging your refrigerator when home on break), Low Grades, Getting Tickets, Messy Looking Clothing, Unkempt/Uncombed Hair, Dating More Than One Person in a Schoolyear (Promiscuity), Excessive Spending, Radical Change in Musical Preferences, Ungroomed Fingernails, Arguing with Parental Authority, Excessively Muscular (compared to their high school physique) Showing Manic Gym Time Use, Increased Appetite, Lack of Manners

All of those symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg of what is professionally diagnosed and those shared by parents in our College LYFE Parenting group.  We need to beware the symptoms and act aggressively, to save our children from permanent Marijuana-Induced ADHD.