Completely Wrong Mitt Romney On Google Search Proves What We All Know

Brent Reiker
• TopekasNews
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Go ahead and type in ‘Completely Wrong’ on Google Search.  You will find image after image of this man:

mitt romney

That is Mitt Romney and according to what we can see here, he is completely wrong.

How can anyone support Mitt Romney?

Elderly:  Mitt Romney believes you are a waste of space and that you do not deserve Medicare or Social Secuirty. If you need any form of goverment that requires tax contribution and are not making more than $250,000 a year, Romney would have you thrown to the tar pits if he had has way. Sure, Obama grew up a little brown boy without pennies, but do you really want someone who thinks the Greatest Generation is wearing out their welcome if they offer no financial gain for this country? What of loyalty and decency in providing healthcare and support for all Americans, no matter their station or age in life?

Middle-class: Romney believes if you fall on hard times, too bad. There is no room for public health care for you or your family. Think about all the times you, your loved ones, your friends or colleagues have had major medical problems. Now imagine if those tough times hit and you have no health insurance. Without insurance, there is no way to receive treatment from a primary care doctor. The Emergency Room cannot be used like a primary care facility, for it is only for treating and stabilizing symptoms. Long-term care must be dealt with by a primary care doctor, which will require insurance. Let’s not even get into the prospect of letting children starve or be homeless, like Mitt Romney wants to see them do if their parents are not rich. Also, Romney thinks your child should only have education ‘they can afford’. So unless you have an extra $80,000 – $200,000 to get your kid into only undergraduate studies, don’t even think about them achieving more than menial labor.

Military: Romney includes you in the 47% of worthless people he ignores in this country.

Poor People: Let’s not even get started on why you should find Romney completely wrong for you.

Women: If you think having a random, burly, sweaty man with 2 teeth to his name throwing you down and having his way with you, getting your pregnant and telling your husband and kids there is a new little bamboozle on the way because you wanted it, congratulations. Team Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are your people. Otherwise, you should be finding Mitt Romney completely wrong for this reason and many more.

No matter what way you cut it, Romney is a snake oil salesman. He will say whatever it takes to win this upcoming election but the product he delivers will be the same: serpent’s poison. Let’s not damn America by


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