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Construction Worker Destroys Johnny-on-the-Job After Digesting Massive Taco Bell Breakfast


[adsense]Topeka, Kansas – Locals were seen fleeing away from Topeka Blvd early Monday morning, all after a construction worker from a KC-based road crew ate at a local Taco Bell.

“Well, I had seen the commercials and I thought the new Waffle Taco was good and in my budget, so I put down 6 of them in a sitting,” reports Lester Brailey, who was taken to a local hospital due to persistent abdominal discomfort.

City officials cleared a five block radius around the melted down port-a-potty as brave hazmat crews cleaned the sloshed muss of intestinal fury and spent plastic.

“The smell was something like old skunk meat,” reports Dana Walters, a mother who veered her car off the road after scent from the accident scene wafted through his AC vents.

WHO officials warn that despite the great prices and sinfully good taste of Taco Bell, it is never wise to eat more than 3 of the same items in the same sitting.