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Customers In Kalamazoo Michigan Walk Over Dead Man’s Body, Man Killed in Doorway


Kalamazoo, MI – Michigan takes yet another turn for the worse. In the following absolutely shocking video, customers are a Kalamazoo, Michigan, convenience store literally walk over a a man who was shot and killed in the store’s doorway.

It seems paying for gas and buying Pall Mall’s is more important than checking on a human being’s well-being in Kalamazoo. The 31-year-old man lay dead after being shot. Details on if the man was shot at the store or struggled into the doorway were not immediately available.

The mother of the young man is shocked that people could be so cold, sick and callow that they would not help a man laying dead on the floor. At one point in the video, two customers can be seen kicking the man’s leg out of their way so they can casually exist the store.

It took five minutes until one customer paid attention and called the police. The store clerk just looked on from the counter.

Map of Michigan highlighting Kalamazoo County.svg

Map of Michigan highlighting Kalamazoo County.svg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)