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Dick Cheney Adds Fox News to “Axis of Evil”



Fox News hot Megyn Kelly dares claim legendary United States President George W. Bush and his wise Number One, Vice President Dick Cheney, were complicit in some sort of misleading scheme in Iraq.  Kelly tried to pretend that under the leadership of Bush and Cheney, the people of Iraq were not made free and a great American company like Halliburton didn’t inherit its Divine Right to Manifest Destiny in Iraq by raking in billions of dollars for America’s economy, at minimal cost and risk.

[adsense]In a shocking turn of alliances, former United States Vice-president Dick Cheney added Fox News to the “Axis of Evil”. The listing by the former VP puts Fox News in-league with the terror-ridden states of North Korea, Iran and Iraq.

Invited to the Fox News set, Cheney expected to find allies in which he could confide.  As Cheney started in on how we should impeach Obama for messing up in Iraq, allowing ISSA terrorists from Iran to invade, betraying the Iraqi people and not following the groundwork laid by President Bush, Kelley did not just shake her head in agreement.  Instead, she dared DEFY Bush doctrine.  She may as well been a PR woman of Saddam Hussein.  Oh, but guess what, Hussein would never let a woman speak on television!

My blood boiled as Megyn Kelley empowered terrorists by questioning the motives and wisdom of Dick Cheney here.  Then, as Dick Cheney announced the formation of Alliance for a Strong America.  This organization, a grassroots efforts, will be from where we can muster enough support to impeach Obama and ensure a GOP win in 2016.


“Baaaah!” That is the only noise Dick Cheney could make when asked about Fox News’ betrayal of the status quot, refusing to join in with making Obama look bad and praising everything from the historic Bush era policy and decisions of the United States. Such rebellion implies that Fox News may now run red with communism, as great Senator McCarthy warned could happen if a liberal was allowed reign for too long.

But even with that gift being dangled in front of her, Kelley refused to whinney down and follow the apple.  She neighed in rebellion and suggested that the Bush era was one of America’s greatest mistakes.

At first I thought perhaps Kelley was drugged by the liberals or maybe she was just having a blonde female moment?  Maybe she missed her dose of menstrual cramp relief medicine for the weak, she was cranky?  I am not sure, but I thought there had to be explanation and went to bed calmly, expecting a full redaction and apology by Fox News the next day.

But no apology came.

It hurts my heart to say this, but there is only one thing we can conclude:  Rupert Murdoch has been compromised and Fox News now runs red with communism and terrorist sympathies.

The liberals are sheisty little snakes and slither into positions of power and influence.  Obviously, Murdoch has been compromised.  Why else would he allow a dangerous, anti-Christian show like Cosmos air on Fox?

Then, we see the blonde news bombshell Megyn Kelly not being forced to apologize to Dick Cheney and admit she was having an off day after accusing the second greatest leader of modern times of not defending America from terrorists.