Does Your Girlfriend Leave Her Hair On Shower Wall? Here Is How To Fix It

Mike Collins
• TopekasNews
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Women with long hair have a thing where they love to plaster and smear their strands all over the shower wall.

Sure, it is a capital offense if you dare leave a few stubbles of your stately beard in the sink while rushing off to work to earn the family’s core living. But as every husband, boyfriend and live-in-lover knows, a woman thinks nothing of littering your bedroom shower full of her hair strands, like she is saving a collection of them to build a future nest.

One member of internet socialist site became so fed up with his girlfriend’s antics, he took drastic action to get her attention. If she wanted to continue to leave her hair on the shower wall, he would leave her a reminder of what he respected in return. This is etched from the products of her own body’s growth, so there is a romantic beauty to it.


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