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Donald Sterling Thinks NBA Is Modern Day Slave Plantation


Los Angeles, California – The Caucasian owner of the Los Angeles Clippers does not want African-Americans at his basketball games.

[adsense]In a shocking recording all the world can hear, Sterling admonishes his half-black girlfriend for associating with black people and even worse, daring to bring them to his basketball games.  He especially finds that Magic Johnson disgustingly black, apparently.

The irony of an NBA executive despising the skin color of black people is irony at its finest.  Many of the greatest NBA players, coaches and fans are well, African-American.  And Donald Sterling is apparently disgusted by each and every one of them. If anything, the NBA should be symbolic of diversity and appreciated for providing a medium that breaks social barriers vis-a-vis a platform that people of many different backgrounds can share a common interest in and enjoy.

False Advertising in Los Angeles? Never.

But not in Donald Sterling’s world.