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Would You Eat This 3-D Printed Food?

3d printed food nursing home
3d printed food nursing home


[adsense]A German company is using 3D printers to make food.   The new food product is being called ‘Smoothfoods’ and so far, the food has been a major success for testing markets in Germany.

3d printed food 2nursing home

Pureed smoothfood tastes wonderful, taste test subjects claim.  Would you try this new printed food product?

The company is being used to solve a common problem:  some residents of nursing homes cannot properly chew and eat solid, nutritional food without a major choking risk.  Smoothfood uses 3D printers to create a pureed styled food product that is consistent in taste, presentation and quality.  The reproducible nation of the food product means that in time, it can greatly lower cost.

The European Union has officially recognized Smoothfood has a viable option for widespread consumption.  Funding will go to a consortium to further research expanding menu options and presentations for Smoothfood.

To date there are six foods available in this format:  peas, chicken, cauliflower, potatoes and pasta.  The food is initially cooked and pureed, then printed into food forms as seen in the companion images.

The food is always made from fresh ingredients and has received widespread accolades.  Is 3D food, where puree bases are shipped out and then reconstituted into the correct shape the way of the future?