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England Gay Marriage Laws Cause New “Super Black Death Virus” Outbreak


Health officials desperately spray bottles of Lysol over throbbing masses of coughing gays, as a new Black Death has broken out in England only several hours after gay marriage was legalized in the nation.

A new airborne version of the Black Death that wiped out 2/3rd of Europe is sweeping across the nation.  Riots in the streets where only hours before, massive orgieds of gay people frolicked as they celebrated the legalization of gay marriage in the island nation.

The World Health Organization is working with America’s CDC to quarantine the entire nation of England.  Officials close to the Royal family state they are ‘safely in hiding in an air-scrubbed facility miles below the surface and away from the plague outbreak’.

Symptoms of the new airborne Black Death include coughing, sneezing, lisping and fatigue.   Hours after these symptoms, victims fall dead as they violently cough out pieces of their lungs and fall from pulmonary arrest.

Shocked Royal London police officers flee as rioters wildly throw their head back in deep sensual glee, stamping holes into police cars and preparing to strip off their clothing and furiously rub their same-same bodies together, until a sinful explosion of ecstasy is reached.  And then they will only get more filthy from there.