If Evolution Is Real, Why Don’t Squirrels Cross The Road With Mecha-Armor?

If evolution is real, why do squirrels still try to cross the road?  For over 100 years, mighty American automobiles have loudly dominated the road and forged for us a bountiful age of profitable oil futures.   Despite the number of cars on the roadway, the only animal we see still daring defy common logic and what Darwin would call ‘natural selection’ is a lowly beast, the squirrel, which by all rights should by now be an advanced creature capable of deftly dodging oncoming cars.

Smarmy title aside, today’s message came to me while driving to church this past Sunday.  Going over the day’s sermon, I couldn’t help but be slightly tickled as a wide-eyed squirrel froze in mid-path before my Jeep, unawares of how to dodge or what to do as I barreled toward it.  Fortunately for the little guy, God bestows in humans compassion and my Christian morality dictated that I not run the squirrel over.

[adsense]If evolutionists were right all along, that squirrel would have known better.  It would have the gene-set to understand that a 4,000 pound vehicle traveling 40 miles an hour is deadly. Even if I had ran that squirrel over, assuring its foolish genes never spread again, millions more would annoy drivers with their indecisive jaywalking, worldwide.  It is a neverending problem in the animal kingdom and quite frankly, proves evolution is not real.

Think about it:  why are zebras still getting caught so easily by lions?  Why haven’t house ants developed an immunity to Mr. Orkin?  If evolution is real, why make a big deal about global warming?  Everyone and everything will just evolve to adapt!

Reality is quite simple:  animals do not evolve.  Sure, we can adopt and we all have a degree of phenotypic plasticity, but at our core, we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  And just as assuredly a squirrel is a squirrel is a squirrel, a human shall always be a human.  We cannot expect squirrels to ever evolve common sense and not run in the road, so we must always use our human compassion to dodge them and when we do so, we must realize that there is a universal creator who set all this wonderful cycle in place.

So the next time you see a squirrel or deer jump in front of your car, take heart, for you are witnessing a fact of life:  evolution is not real.