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Exploding Whale Video Wows Social Media

Faroe Island (YouTube) – In footage that would leave even good Captain Ahab aghast, an exploding whale video has taken social media by storm.

A biologist attempted to cut a whale carcass open as a means of excavation and research.  The whale had died after becoming stuck in a narrow channel.  The whale in the video and one other whale suffered the same fate.

Biologist Bjarni Mikkelse attempted to cut open and study the whale cadaver, an effort he made after officials from the small island tasked him with confirming the actual cause of death and then moving the whale’s remains to a nearby local museum.

Unaware of an abnormally large buildup of internal gases after 48 hours, the scientist was in for a very unfortunate surprise.  After prodding the whale’s carcass with a knife, a loud, Mikkelse could only stand in shock as a loud, audible bang precipitated the onslaught of whale innards that fell upon him.

Luckily, the marine biologist wore protective clothing.  Plans to clean the animal’s flesh away from bone, so that it can be transferred piecewise to the local museum are still in place.