Faces of Marijuana: Stephen Hawking

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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What would happen if the most powerful brain in the world took just a few injections of marijuanas?  Many of you teens and college kids think you are so smart or indestructible, or that the bum lowlife who claimed he or she smoked the dangerous herb and turned out ‘just fine’ is some sort of role model.

I am here to tell you today that this drug is horrible and will ruin your life.  You must ‘just say no’.  Here is what happens when the most powerful mind on Earth injects just a bit of this horrible drug.  Not even with his ability to understand astrophysics and conceptualize space-time li

stephen hawking marijuanas


My friends, the path of drug abuse is long, dusty and dangerous.  Nancy Reagan long-ago warned that drugs like marijuana will always lead to jail, disease, prostitution and death.  Marijuana is a gateway drug to a failed life.  You will lose your job, you will lose your family or your loved one.  Men who smoke marijuana oft become chronic self touchers, because they cannot keep a steady woman in their life.  Women, well, let us just say that 9/10 prostitutes in Vegas did marijuana in their younger years.

Stephen Hawking’s IQ cannot even be measured without dope in the picture.  But add just a few injections of Satan’s lusty liquid, and you see what can happen.  Instant crippling effects that cannot be reversed.  If this is what happens to Stephen Hawking, just imagine how much this drug could fry your fragile little mind.

Be smart and avoid this drug in all its forms.

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