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Fake North Carolina Podiatrist Sucks Woman’s Toes At Wal-Mart

[adsense]A man claiming to be a podiatrist allegedly walked up to a mother of two at Wal-mart.   Officials in North Carolina are now investigating the incident.

The backstory started when a woman decided to shop for discounted shoes at Wal-mart.  A man approached her and claimed to be in the last year of podiatry school.  He asked if he could help her find a comfortable pair of shoes and the woman agreed.

The man convinced the woman to remove her socks and shoes, and then allegedly proceeded to grab her foot, suck her toes and then suck her entire foot.  Terrified, the woman ran away and the man begged her to not squeal to authorities.  Reports show that the man even offered to buy groceries for the woman if she did not tell.

Of course, she has come forward to media.