Florida Police Ticket 2-Year-Old Black Girl for Inattentive Driving


Jacksonville, Florida – Shocking new video shows police in Florida ticketing a two-year-old black girl, purportedly citing her for ‘inattentive driving’ in the parking lot of her apartment complex.

Driving her small battery powered convertible, officers noted that little Za’Dariyah bumped into several parked cars and failed to maintain a reasonable driving path.  Though they did not give the young child a breathalyzer, eyewitnesses claim the child was ‘clearly cute and not intoxicated’.

Officers were already at the apartment complex due to another call.  When the Sheriff’s department officials saw the young black girl innocently driving along, for some reason they could not resist giving her a ticket.

The girl’s mother claims the ticket requires a payment of $4 and her daughter is doing chores to pay off the debt.  Public records show the child defaced the ticket by scribbling on it, but courts decided that would not be held against her.

ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News