Free Justin Bieber From Miami Prison Systems

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber (Photo credit: cukuskumir)

Miami, Florida – Justin Bieber is the latest white celebrity to fall victim to America’s corrupt ‘justice’ system and media.

By now the backstory has been distorted, making it seem that Justin Bieber was endangering the life of others and defiantly challenging cops after he was pulled over for what amounts to boys-will-be-boys antics.

Everything in this case started when Justin Bieber rented a Ferrari and Lamborghini for himself and several friends. They had a rare free night in Miami and just wanted to take in some sights and sounds of the local culture. Bieber did smoke a little marijuana, but let’s not forget, all the big media companies and even President Obama this week said marijuana is not as dangerous as alcohol.

Bieber was only going 25 miles over the speed limit, which is not drag racing. A Lamborghini can go well faster than 55 miles an hour in a 35 mile per hour speedzone. Additionally, Bieber’s father was on the scene and ensuring no one else was on the street driving near Bieber, according to various reports.

But what we have now is Bieber’s name being sullied by the crazy right wing media yet again. TMZ is making him out to be a dangerous criminal and crazy guy, when he’s just doing what any other 19-year-old in a fraternity would be doing on the weekend.

Now, Bieber is being held in jail and we must rally for him to be freed. Free Justin Bieber. It is sad that this day and age, such double standards exist in this country and I for one hope that Bieber is freed and perhaps just asked to do some community service and to talk to a member of clergy about how to clean his life up a bit. Being tossed in jail with true thugs and goons will only make this kid turn into a bad apple.