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‘Fresh Prince’ Dad James Avery Dies At 65, Complications From Open Heart Surgery

James Avery, the actor best known for his role as family patriarch Uncle Phil on the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, passed away last night.  He was 65-years-old.  The New Year’s Eve death of the actor occurred after an open heart surgery, which initial reports indicate Avery died from complications following the surgery.

[adsense]Avery’s wife, Barbara, stepped away after spending a long amount of time at Avery’s bedside  In the few moments she was gone to get food, Avery passed away.

Following the Fresh Prince sitcom, Avery starred in various television shows and made for tv movies.  Two years ago, Avery attended a reunion for the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”.

No report has yet been made as to which Los Angeles hospital James Avery passed away after his open heart surgery. Alfonso Ribeiro has taken to Facebook already to post words of comfort following his friend and colleagues passing.