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Fukushima Alligator Snapping Turtle Wrestled Up In Oklahoma

fukushima Alligator-Snapping-Turtle-Largest-Ever-Caught-Beats-The-Facebook-Photo-Easily-665x385
fukushima Alligator-Snapping-Turtle-Largest-Ever-Caught-Beats-The-Facebook-Photo-Easily-665x385

[adsense] Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma – Residents of Oklahoma are not sleeping easy tonight.  Hours ago at Lake Eufaula, one brave fisherman wrestled down the mighty beast pictured above.  Biologists initially claimed they had seen nothing like it, but one official from the Japanese Institute of Reptilian Sciences instantly recognized the creature:  “息子の クッパ大魔王”, Nobu Sakarai reported upon seeing the animal.

“Son of the Great Demon King Koopa”, the translation reads.  Scientists now speculate the turtle wrestled down by a fisherman, after reports that it attacked and dragged a fully healthy bull into the lake and ate it, is actually a genetic offspring of the giant Fukushima Mutant Turtle that was captured in a joint operation between the Japanese Government and US Special Forces.

fukushima alligator snapping turtle

Scientists speculate that the turtle is only two weeks old, putting its growth to be on par with its parent who is purportedly held at an undisclosed facility in Japan.

“After the original Fukushima Mutant Turtle charged the heroic semi-truck driver, a small part of the mutant’s DNA was found in the spent wreckage of the charred, burning truck and human remains.  The turtle suffered a small laceration in the collision and from that, we obtained DNA,” reported Sakarai.

From this DNA, Japanese scientists have confirmed a 98% probability that the original Fukushima Mutant Turtle is the father of the Lake Monster found in Oklahoma.

Officials speculate the turtle was smuggled into the United States by either unscrupulous business men who were looking to sell the turtle on an exotic market, but quickly grew terrified at its exponential growth.

Others speculate that the turtle may be part of a sinister plot to unleash giant Fukushima animals into America’s ecosystem, so they may wreck havoc upon the nation.

Soldiers have been put on high alert in the region and are combing to find any other similar lifeforms.  If anyone sees a giant snapping turtle, they are warned to immediately warn all neighbors to stay inside.