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Fukushima Mutant Vegetables Being Sold in Stores, Causing Human Mutations

A Korean news site has broke a story about Fukushima mutant vegetables being harvested and sold in stores all across Asia, and even all the way to America. Mutated by straight radiation and even irradiated water, the Fukushima vegetables are highly radioactive and can cause mutation in any animal — including humans — who can eat them. The pictures and backstory here are completely insane:

Fukushima Tomato Tobacco Hybrid (Fukushima Tomacco)



This tomato is a hybrid fusion between tobacco and tomato.  According to Japanese farmer Fengwei Hashobi, his small form outside Fukushima flooded soon after the great disaster.  When the flood waters receded, the fields separating his tobacco crops from the tomato crops were no longer distinct.  Stressed, he neglected to resow his land and let the land sit idle.  Much to his surprise, several weeks later, plants began growing in the land.  They had the vine growth of a tomato plant, but the shrubiness of a tobacco growth.

Hashobi tended to the crop until the fruit of his labor, the tomatoes, started to show.  Hashobi was shocked to see the tomato growing smaller plants within.  When he cut it open, he smelt something very familiar:  “Tobacco,” the farmer reported.

The plant is now being sold as ‘Tomacco’ all across Japan and its innards are semi-edible but possibly carcinogenic for consumers.  The plant is thought to be the first addictive organic foodstuff.

Giant Mutant Cabbage


A Japanese researcher holds a ‘fair-winning’ head of cabbage next to the Fukushima mutant cabbage strain.  What is frightening about the cabbage, is that it is apparently smokeable and Japanese youths are using it to get high.  It is said to pack twice the punch of LSD but go down smoked like common Cali Kush.  The nutritive value of the mutant cabbage, when eaten, is not very different than the smaller head of cabbage.  Outside the new use of the cabbage by youths, there is actually no negative mutations or nutrition concerns stemming from the larger breed born of radiation.

Fukushima ‘VooDoo’ Fruit


Scientists still cannot figure out what this fruit is all about or what to call it.  After the Fukushima disaster cleared up, saplings bearing the initial growths of this fast growing fruit were present.  The fruit is highly sweet and tastes like cherries in its main flesh, with the green sprouts growing atop having a nutty, minty bite to them.  The fruit is being called ‘voodoo’ fruit on the street because the green portion has a purported hallucinogenic quality.

After eating it, consumers tend to get ‘glossy eyed and compliant’, as if they were under a voodoo spell.  The fruit is currently not approved for human consumption by WHO, but it has a black market value of over $40 a head outside Japan.

Fertility Fruit

Named after the Japanese fertility festival, this fruit started growing on apple trees on the Eastern outskirts of the Fukushima region.  Local villagers believe that men who engorge themselves with the fruit from the affected mutant trees will give birth to offspring.  One man in Japan, Matsuya Kenchi, suffered from E.D. and infertility for years, he and his wife sad that they could not have children.  After eating of the tree with a setting of five Fertility Fruits, 2 months later Kenchi’s wife was pregnant with quintuplets.

Since that time, the sale of this fruit has skyrocketed and reports of men and their wives conceiving twins, triplets and more are very common place now in the region.

Fukushima Marijuana Cucumber



Gorobe-dono Minamino of Nobo traveled to Fukushima to study botanical radicals reported by local media.  While there, Nobo came across an agrarian farmer who was suffering because his cucumber crops were failing, but then mixed his cucumber saplings with the only other plants he had on his farm:  marijuana.  Once combined in a pot of Fukushima water, the results were incredible.  The struggling cucumber plant engulfed the small marijuana seeds, a process called endosymbiosis, and then within several days grew stronger with a plant of marijuana growing straight through it.

The Marijauna Cucumber plants grow with the ferocity of garden weeds and are highly resilient.  The plant can be eaten in salads or smoked, both with equal hallucinogenic effects.  The plant has not been outlawed by the Japanese government and is already being smuggled into California, where it is being sold in Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice Beach.  Head shops in the Van Nuys area are also said to carry small pots of this strain that can be bought.  Several Denver area shops are also apparently selling the plant.

Mutant Sunflower


Much like a Venus flytrap, this sunflower plant is carnivorous and devours bees when they land inside to taste of its sap.  The plant eats upward of 300 bees in a week, which may be why so many honey bees worldwide are missing and dead.


Banana Eggplant



Eggplants that grow in banana-like bunches are being sold all throughout Japan.  Being called “Midnight Bananas’, the plants are a little more firm and nutty than traditional eggplant.  Those who eat it are said to ‘grow extra thick muscles’ without doing exercise.

Fukushima Peaches



These fruits are sweet, savory and addictive.  Several men who ate the fruit had to be hospitalized for mental evaluation.

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