Fukushima Six-Clawed Lobster Latest Mutant to Terrorize America’s Waters

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Fukushima six clawed lobster

Maine (TopNews) – “The shark screamed out, like an injured dolphin in mourning,” reports Maine resident, Jenn Arbor.  Arbor, along with others, were enjoying another lazy summer’s day on the Atlantic Coast when suddenly, a sharp leaped 10 feet out of the water, letting out a pained squeal as it leaped ashore.

Shocked, local residents rallied to tend to the 15-foot gray finned shark, typically a strong and confident predator that does not try to communicate pain.  “There was something in its eyes, a horror that you might see on an actor’s face in a scary movie,” Arbor reported, fighting back tears as she recounted the event.

It wasn’t until the creature lay on the shore break for quite some time that locals noticed its dorsal fin was cut in half, a jagged slice that looked as if a serrated pair of scissors had at it.  Upon closer inspection, a marine biologist yelled out “a lobster is dug into its back!”

Several children on scene screamed and ran away as the biologist, who reached into the shark’s open wound, yelled in pain as a bluish tinged lobster used its massive claws to pinch off one of his fingers.  The lobster dragged the shocked biologist to his knees with another claw, furiously opening and closing its mandibles as people in the crowd screamed in horror.  Life guards shot flares toward the lobster, which spooked it enough to release the marine biologist and allow him to flee to safety.

Within minutes, a team of wildlife workers managed to rescue the shark and take it to a local aquarium.  The mutant lobster, however, proved a bigger problem.

“Instead of retreating to the ocean, it help up its claws and let out a low-pitched growl,” Arbor excitedly extolled.  “It kept tracking back and forth, surging foward and threatening anyone to try to ran up to its flank.”

Officials noticed that the feisty lobster had one claw with six hands, so did not pull out heavier artillery to shoot the dangerous animal.  Instead, they first tried to use a nylon-blend net to capture the lobster.  Using its special claw, the lobster quickly cut right through the next and threw it aside.

Clamping its claws and moving in on the crowd, the lobster was quickly met by a tempered steel-net, one usually used to subdue sharks that breach the swimming beach area.  After a ten minute fight in trying to clamp through the steel, the 4-pound lobster finally relented on its attack.

As aquarium owners know, lobsters will try to eat a shark.  It is just rare to see a lobster of this size attack and try to eat a giant shark.  Researchers found the lobster contained radiation signatures that match radioactivity given off by the Fukushima reactors in Japan.  The radioactivity is thought to have caused the lobster mutant six-claws and superhuman strength.



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