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Gaunt Sarah Palin Repulses Viewers, Should Stop the Olsen Diet

Despite her silly accent and politcal ramblings, Sarah Palin was once a tolerable woman because she was quite easy on the eyes.  Let us not deny the truth:  if Sarah Palin did not have her modelish good looks and toned body, she would not have become governor of Alaska.  I’m not an expert on Alaskan beauty and such, but something tells me there are not many outgoing, tanned and deceptively naughty women who can work a crowd like Sarah up around the way of Wasilla.  Any person who tries to be above the fact that men gawked at Palin and at the very least thought, “Cute, and I would…” is simply a liar.  We’re talking liar on the levels of Mitt Romney at a Denver debate.

All that loquacious bit said, this week we’re finding it quite odd that Sarah Palin has changed her memorable updo, is wearing tons of foundation and is looking quite tawny, like she mixed P90-x and a stint on NBC’s survivor together.  Is this woman eating or is she just following the Olsen twin diet of a salad leaf and a line of quick and sniffy?  I’m not quite sure, but if emaciated, overworked and unhealthy looking is the new mode-de-fashion for conservative women, so be it.