Gay Penguins in Denmark Adopt Baby Chick

Tatum Fox
• TopekasNews
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One of two emperor penguin dads tends the chick. (©Ard Jongsma / Still Words / Odesnse Zoo)  DENMARK – A pair of ‘gay’ penguins in a Denmark zoo have adopted a baby chick.  The two fathers caused controversy as they took to a young chick who was introduced to them.  What could be better than having two dads looking out for you?

While many people have already expressed outrage that an openly gay penguin couple has been all but encouraged to continue their illicit and well-publicized relationship at the zoo, the fact that the two decided to adopt a chick and are already showing great skill in raising it are giving a fit to the conservative right worldwide.

The Star reports that keepers at the Odense Zoo said throughout the past year, the pair have tried to steal eggs from mother penguins so that they may raise some chicks of their own.  Just like gay couples yearn to be parents in the human world, that strong, wonderful parenting instict also extends into the wild animal world as well.  The Star also reports a tragic story last year, when the couple tried to incubate a dead herring with of course, no luck.

Today’s great story began when a female penguin abandoned her egg.  One of the gay penguins quickly sashayed to the egg and nudged it back to his partner, who quickly sat on it to keep it warm.  Every day the two would alternate caring for the egg until the hatchling emerged and with great excitement saw that it had two fathers.

According to breeders at the zoo, the gay penguins take turn hunting, protecting and incubating their kid, just like a traditionally married penguin couple at the reserve.  The exception is, having two strong men around is giving the little one a wonderful penguin childhood.


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