George P. Bush Runs for Office in Texas

Aaron Albright
• TopekasNews
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There is yet another George Bush that walks the Earth and to everyone’s chagrin, he is interested in politics.


On the left of this frightening image, we see the man who whispered to God, George W. Bush.  The Presidentenator.  He presidentated over our glorious country for 8 years, riding our economy hard like a lengthening pill toking Dr. Strangelove a bed girl in a Vegas bed shaped like a nuclear weapon. While you think of the pronunciation of the focal piece in that saucy scenario, to the right you can feast your eyes on George H.W. Bush.  What type of messed up parenting skills lead to George W. Bush?

But behind them, we see the secret weapon of the Bush family.  His name is George P. Bush.  He is the son of 2016 presidential hopeful, Jeb Bush.  The Bush family decided they needed some diversity, so George P. Bush is actually helf Hispanic.  His mother was handpicked from Mexico and mated with Jeb some time ago.  Now, the waterless Rubio of the Bush family is being called the ‘rising star’ of the GOP and is of course being groomed for a presidential run at some point in the future.



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