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Getting Mad at Wal-mart For 6pm Black Friday Is Two Steps Away From Communism

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Wal-mart being put under heat for opening early on Black Friday and discounting items.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello, dear friends, Pastor Haywood Bynum here and today I have just one pressing question on my mind:  how can people be so against Wal-mart opening at 6pm on Black Friday, and not consider such thoughts the definition of  Trotsky’s communism?

There is a war against America going on today, as countless websites are doing their best to promote Black Friday as a very bad thing.   It is as if every time there is another injury reported at Wal-mart, or a spat taking place in the aisles of Target, MSNBC and friends cannot wait to post all the people on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook live reporting the ‘ugliness of America’s capitalism’.

The fact that nearly every person in America has a smartphone and computer on which they may be complaining about Black Friday is the definition of hypocrisy.   A 1999 Dell computer can access the internet just fine, but it may be slow.  Perhaps you want to upgrade your 2001 Sprint LG so you can use some new web apps.  Why not wait until a day when you can get your new technology for far cheaper, or even better, purchase a gift for someone you love at a discounted price?

If you are going to buy an item, buying it for cheaper is the only smart thing to do.  If our government was in the practice of doing such things, and Americans in general were in the practice of doing such things on a daily basis (like when buying a car or house), then our country would not be in its current economic situation.

[adsense]Retailers pinpointing a specific day of the year to create a massive shopping event is smart and a beautiful phenomena of capitalism.  Yes, it is smart to buy a computer for $198 instead of $400 if you can.  Perhaps you have a student going to college next year, and they need the upgrade.  Maybe it is for your small business?

But if you were to believe every meme posted on a left-wing liberal group, even such as the ‘free-thinking’ one I’m employed to write for here, you will quickly find that there is a disproportionate bent against Wal-mart and other retailers for offering things cheaper one day of the year.  It is as if consumers are being implied to be dumb and greedy victims of an imaginary corporate machine.  Could it not be that some people, just like a coupon-er, have the ability to wait until the right day to buy an item they really need or want, and save a significant amount on it?

Beyond all that, there is another problem:  some people have to work on the holidays.  One of my friends was bit by a dog at a Thanksgiving party last night and posted about it on Facebook.  Well thank goodness that we aren’t all protesting and boycotting hospitals, because I am not sure who would have sutured her laceration last night if it weren’t for the good doctors and nurses working a long 12 hour shift on Thanksgiving.

My wife ate light last night, because she was on-call herself today.  And all across the nation, there are other businesses who are open on the holiday.  And they are paying workers time-and-a-half.  And there are workers who actually want to go to work to do their jobs.  Sure, not all jobs at Wal-mart are the definition of glamorous, but they are necessary jobs performed by very hardworking people and for the most part, whenever I go shop there the shelves are stocked, the cashiers are courteous, speedy and professional and they do their jobs well.  That is good. That is how it is supposed to happen, and guess what, in some vocations you work on holidays.

I am a traditionalist in every sense of the word and believe holiday time equals family time, but people do what they need to do to make ends meet.  And businesses will do what they need to do to make ends meet.  We live in a capitalist Western world:  accept it.  We benefit from the strength of our markets and Black Friday is a major economic boon for this country and can line the pockets of the good people at stores who are sacrificing and working over time.  I wish everyone could be home with their families on the holiday:  I wish my wife could have had too much nog and wine last night and sang drunken songs with our friends.  But it just does not work that way all the time.

But to call for company boycotts, to be so against the very driving factor that gives us the relatively comfortable lifestyle we live, is just beyond irrational to me.   It is the holiday season.  America is a consumer economy.  Businesses thrive in that relationship, and if you shop smart, you can benefit from it as well.