Giant Fukushima Mutant Rats Attacking Families in Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden
– Terrifying images of giant rats attacking families in Sweden are circulating throughout social media.  Swedish officials dispatched to the nation’s Solna region state that science teams are working to isolate a new breed of giant rat, which has been classified as the Rattus gigas-Fukushima.

One family in Sweden was lucky enough to capture an adolescent version of this rat.  Over the past month, the family noticed their pet cat endured very large lacerations, which was odd since the cat is an indoor feline.

Suspicious of another animal in the home, the family sat out the trap and were ‘absolutely horrified’ at their catch.

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The report of the giant Fukushima rats’ terror string in Sweden coincide with reports in Africa, where officials claim the giant rodents are attacking humans and animals alike.


 Sudanese researchers observe captured Giant Fukushima Rat that ‘savaged a pack of wild hyenas’ in front of a Safari tour group.

hqdefault The Korsas family in Sweden claims their cat, pictured at right, is still traumatized and may have to enroll in emotional animal condition to overcome the trauma of being nearly eaten by a young Fukushima Giant Rat.

Studies predict that the new rat species can grow to the size of a goat.