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Giant Mutant Housecat Wows Social Media


[adsense]Picture of a giant mutant cat has taken social media by storm and wowed it.  Sources claim the image of the giant housecat was taken in the Provlost region of Russia, where we can see it already has massive size, nearly half that of a human.

Some scientists speculate this giant cat is the product of Fukushima radiation, a phenomenon that has caused a steady string of animal and plant mutations throughout the Eastern hemisphere.  The cat is young and may ‘double in size’ and even more troubling, this cat could represent an evolutionary founder event that other cats will experience.

Biologist Liam Knells explains, “There is a massive founder event taken place.  Housecats are being mutated at the gametic level, their mutations leading to gigantism.  While this may prove not a major concern for giant housecats, feral cats and stray cats with this geneset could become a problem due to their large size and temperament.”

Knells continued, “Imagine waking up one day, and finding that suddenly, every stray cat in your city was the size of an African lion on a Bengal tiger.  You would be terrified to leave your house.  These housecats are on the verge of becoming big cats, and considering the population of stray cats in the world, we are in for a major problem.