Girl Drugs Her Parents To Go Online

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Sacramento, California (TopekasNews) – A teenager who thought that her parents were too strict with enforcing a 10pm Internet down time took matters into her own hands.  According to police, the teen spiked her parent’s dessert milkshakes with prescription strength sleeping medications so she could go online.

Only moments after finishing up their milkshakes, both parents entered a deep sleep and the girl was able to get online with her friends.  The Sacramento Bee reports that the next day, her parents woke up and felt like they were hit by a death train.  Due to their symptoms, they picked up drug testing kits and quickly figured out what happened.

Rocklin & Roseville Today reveals that there is actually a law against ‘willfully mingling a pharmaceutical with food’, a charge the teen and her sister face.  The little malevolent chemists also face charges of conspiracy.

Police covering the case are playing it quite cool.  When asked how they are monitoring the parent’s response, they stated with a wink:  “For our investigation, that wasn’t as important as the drugging with the milkshake.”  A good spanking should definitely be on the list of punishments.

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