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Girl Shocked to Find Romney Speech Sounds Same From Back or Front

mitt romney

Sikeston, MO (TopekasNews)  –  A local girl was apparently shocked in the A.P. photograph, after she learned something the rest of us already know:  no matter what end Mitt Romney spouts his crap, it always looks and sounds the same.  Unfortunately, nearly 43% of America has not made this basic discovery as poll numbers indicate Mitt Romney continues to hang near Obama in election totals.  As for this little girl, however, her first hand look into politics shows how shocked the innocent are when confronted with Romney’s lies.

The photograph in question has made the radical right rabid and furious.  As if they have never taken an inopportune moment and made cheap jabs about it, Fox News and friends are taking the moral high road, some commentators even suggesting that the A.P. should fire anyone involved with taking the above photo.  Yet, when a sleight of camera caused the following photographs to make Obama seem like he was channeling his internal Bill Clinton, Fox News was all guffaws on their Red Eye program:

Gutfeld  was all laughs on his Red Eye program when an unfortunate camera angle made it appear Obama checked out a Brazilian woman’s backside.

Should Republican photographers who snap inopportune moments lose their jobs?  Fox News thinks so, in typical hypocritical fashion.

Hillary Clinton’s downward look caught the attention of late night comedians, mocking that Hillary wanted to “Ogle-ara Aguilerra”.

When Charlie Crist took a stroll in Florida during spring break, he was blantantly looking at some rounded dunes not made of sand.  The Republican Right spun the photograph as him simply looking down and away from the bright sun.

Bill Clinton was the victim of an unfortunate camera angle.  Where was the outcry?

Any opportunity to make Michelle Obama not seem like a primmed and proper first lady is relished by the Right Wing Media.

Pres George W Bush declines Misty May-Treanor's invitation to slap her butt in celebration and brushes her back instead

When president Bush was caught checking out the firmed backsides of America’s 2008 Olympic volleyball team in Beijing, The White House and Fox News were up in arms over the truth that LA Times posted as a caption:  Original photo caption: “U.S. President George W. Bush playfully pats the backside of U.S. Women’s Beach Volleyball team player Misty May-Treanor (L) at her invitation while visiting the Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Grounds at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China, August 9, 2008. Team mate Kerri Walsh (R) watches.”   All publications were forced to switch the word ‘backside’ to ‘back’, even though the Olympian apparently stated, “Wanna smack my butt?” to which Bush replied, “You bet.” before the photograph was snapped.

Is Joe Biden really getting a ‘Happy Harley’ from the woman in this picture, or is it yet another attempt to cause controversy for the vice president?