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You Godless Liberals Need To Stop Harassing Fred Phelps, And Just Let Him Rest In Peace


[adsense]Topeka, Kansas – Today the world has lost one of its last stewards of morality.   Instead of mourning the loss of this righteous man with the civilized world, however, there is a degenerate bunch of liberal journalists, bloggers and Facebook users besmirching the good old-fashioned Americana values Pastor Fred Phelps loudly preached about.

Pastor Fred Phelps, Sr., aged 84-years-old, has passed away from this life and on to the next.  For years he and the Westoboro Baptist Church tried to save America’s soul, by warning the unsaved world that unless they accepted conservative values, that a great hell fire would be awaiting.

But alas, we see the liberal media is being dastardly and unforgiving.  Already, there are punch-happy keyboard bloggers at Vice writing “Fred Phelps had died, f**k that guy,” and countless groups on Facebook trying to plan a picket of this mans’ funeral.

We should all just agree to disagree here, and let bygones be bygones.  If you did not agree with his words, now you can just let him be at peace and find eternal rest.

This man truly believed his work was for the betterment of humanity, should that not count for something?

Let him rest in peace!  Even if you did not agree with his words, he was simply defending American’s right to freedom of speech.  Now that he is gone, you bloggers and mean-spirited commentators out there should just let him rest in peace and stop spreading all the hate.

If you believe in God or not, it is hypocritical and not in good taste to rattle and bemoan those who have passed on and cannot defend themselves.