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Governor Sam Brownback Booed by Seniors, As Michelle Obama Gets Cheers


[adsense]Topeka, Kansas – Kansas Governor Sam Brownback could only look on with frustration as Michelle Obama swooped through Topeka, Kansas, to speak to area seniors for a high school graduation ceremony.

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of the Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education decision, which allowed integration of public schools and set a wide precedent for an equal United States.

But political niceties were not on the agenda last night.  Nay, the crowd dared to let out audible boos as Kansas Chief Executive, Sam Brownback, took to the stage.  Such disrespect for a moral, wise leader of Kansas is truly heartwrenching.

Michelle Obama did not chastise the crowd and educate them to show respect.  Instead, she went on with her speech as if nothing happened.

I could only wish I had a ticket, so I could yell out ‘boo’ and then politely ask Michelle Obama why her husband is crippling our economy with Obamacare and letting the Russians terrorize Eastern Europe as they rebuild the Soviet Empire.   I could guarantee you that if a good man like Sam Brownback were in office as President of the United States with perhaps Governor Jeb Bush as his vice-president, Mitt Romney as the chairman for the Federal Reserve and Sarah Palin as Secretary of Defense, Vladimir Putin would remember his place is under the boot of Ronald Reagan’s call for Russia to stop being communist terrorists.

But the Obama-elites want to pretend the world is a place where imperially minded dictators do not exist and also pretend that a country can just let everyone not work and reap all the benefits that only those who work hard should enjoy, like good healthcare.