How To Treat A Drunk Girl

Aaron Albright
• TopekasNews
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As we unfortunately witnessed over the past weeks, there are knuckle-dragging morons in Steubenville who trivialize the rights of women.  Considering that there are degenerate ‘humans’ like Paul Ryan and Todd Akins, who believe that if an assaulted woman gets pregnant, it was her will and the will of God, it is sadly not shocking to find a good portion of a town trying to cover up the most heinous of crimes.

And worldwide, we see this issue.  Where women are being told that being raped is a shameful thing, that they brought it on themselves.  “Oh, you should not have been out there in that parking lot by yourself!”  “Those tight pants you were wearing were just begging for trouble you should have known!”  “Don’t leave that drink out at the bar, you may get a roofie”

Sure, that all can be sound advice.  But the underlying problem to that advice is that it partially accepts a culture where the victim is being told to walk the ropes, while the aggressors are not being demonized and brutalized by societal frustration.  A person who would even think about assaulting a young woman, or man, should feel like a butter marinated zebra in a den full of hungry lions.  They should know and understand that society will rip them apart, ruin their lives and feel nothing but satiated satisfaction due to it.

There is a bigger issue still, however, and it stems from the entire issue in Steubenville and a new trial that is developing several states over.  Where do so many teenagers, perhaps the most impressionable cohort, get to the point that they trivialize what happened to the young victim?

How many teenagers can sit by and watch a young woman, who is clearly drunk, be victimized such as we saw in the case?  Where do adults in a town get away with trying to ‘quiet’ the issue as other youths threaten the victim with violence for coming forward?  I firmly believe these types of societal ‘mores’ have always been present, more or less, but we are seeing them more publicized due to one of the few positives of social media:  global awareness.

Todd Akin may have gotten away with his glib little remarks about the wombs of women months ago, but in today’s age such things can go viral.  The viral spread of what happened in Steubenville reached my desk weeks ago, resulting in this article among many others.

The video above is a message to young men out there:  if you see a young, drunk woman.  Here’s how to help her:  leave her alone.  If she is in a dangerous situation, don’t pull out your cell phone and laugh or sit idly by as she’s being ravaged or abused.  Be a man.  Help her.  There is something to be said of a society without honor, and we’re dangerously close to dipping to that point.   Change always starts with a person named you.


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