Is It Time For America To Finally Nuke Russia?

The Russians have thrown down the gauntlet.

Only moments ago, the Russians shot 23 Americans out of the skies of the Ukraine. 23 Americans lay murdered.

Fearing a drawn-out war between Russia and America, Israel has gone ahead and invaded Gaza just moments ago. They cannot risk America will no longer be around to protect them from all the terror nations who are jealous of their freedom.  The world holds its breath as it sees if Obama will let Russia get away with this terrible crime, or if he shall unleash America’s angels of nuclear destruction against Russia!

Soviet Vladimir Putin celebrates America’s misery!

My friends, look at this carnage report:

Reading all these stories just makes me weep.  Why cannot every nation be peaceful like America?  If only Russia and Ukraine could be peaceful like America and our chief allies, this tragedy could have been avoided.
Russia of course is not admitting to shooting that plane down, but if we find them guilty we have NO CHOICE but to dust off our nukes and start the Cold War all over again.