Is J-Pop Band Psy Gangnam Style a Danger to Your College Son?

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Hello, dear friends and good readers. My name is Sterling Manchester and there is one burning question pressing upon my mind today. It is borne of great experience with music culture and instinct as a long time professor and purveyor of youthful life. The question is one that many of you parents will miss, and by the time you catch it, your son will be a dropout delinquent who is fathering several underfed children.

Is the culture and habits represented by Japanese pop (J-pop) band Psy Gangham style a grave danger to your college son?

You may not beware this new invasion of — music and culture — that rivals the monumental popularity of the Beatles and the Kingsmen, the vanguards of the British invasion. Tight, toned legged women in their prime dancing in cleaving soaked t-shirts in the rain, all while taking deep, greedy tokes upon whatever smoking object came to their mind next, as rebellious men bucked authority and stood erect against war, invoke romantic images of the 1960s, the defiant bodies of our youth championing one of the most importantly gritty generations of American history.

Ominous skies may have loomed upon the 1960′s horizon, yet the energetic, inspired screams of buxom vixens were powered by brains born of progressive purpose and intellect.  The men, smeared in the raw element of reality, bucked authority at Woodstock and became the backbone of society that destroyed 1950s elitism, racism, classism.  Now, some 50-years-later, conservatives seek to destroy the culture of progress with dangerous mind-numbing songs like Call Me Maybe, Baby Baby and the latest, Psy Gangnam style.

But as we fondly think back upon our time of rebellion, my dear readers, we must know that today’s children do not have the sense of cultural primary or urgency. They are the product of a bland, conventional cohort that has the world in their hands in the form of an iPhone 5, yet remain culturally ignorant as a Kentucky mountain man in the 1800s. Youth of today see glimmering lights and the looks of exotic beauties bucking around, not understanding the commercialized glitz is all designed to make them dive deep into a cultural war beyond their understanding. Our kids tap their hands and feet, singing along to the empty lyrics and performing dance rituals that look like a wounded cowboy mocking his bowlegged rodeo clown.

At first glance, Psy Gangham Style seems like an innocent enough cheerleading squad from Japan. Cute and energetic, flirty and predictable, everything you would expect from young women cheering on their team. But upon deep analysis of the band’s lyrics and marketing, we can actually see an ironic conservative push to undermine free-thought in our country by destroying the future of progressive academia.

Mindless, spoiled and naive, boy bands like Justin Bieber here are the mindless, spineless idiots the neoconservatives want your son to become. The music of today is only a grooming tool to make your son more pliable with his fear-induced voting habits and corporate pandering lifestyle in the future.

The popularity of bands like Carly Rae Jepson, Justin Bieber and One Direction is no accident nor won of talent and good taste. These roving minstrels represent a subvertive push from billion dollar corporations who want to destroy our future academic elite and intellectuals. Imagine a world without John Lennon inspiring thoughts of socialism and equality? A nation fighting against Vietnam without War Pigs and Hendrix?

Today’s generation has no musical anthem or bands of importance. All top songs that fill their ears are claptrap, seductive and all about temptation. The newest musical craze, Psy Gangnam style, is the greatest representation of this thesis. While watching this number, beware the marketing is lustful and the lyrics unpredictable,  if not empty. The catchy beat will entice you to dream about the toned bodies of Japanese women, but what about inspiration in culture, lifestyle and politics?

What you feel in your mind and heart is only multiplied by a factor of 100 in the mind’s eye of your college son.

Psy Gangnam Style is all about creating feelings of lust and temptation.  It is designed to make our sons overtly Asian-friendly, so it won’t look so bad after Mitt Romney and his crooked friends at Bain Capital outsource all our jobs to China and Japan.  After being exposed to this song and dance for months on end, your college son will go astray and likely invade a Sigma Phi Omega house on a pantry’s raid, only to ‘fall in love’ and drop out a father 9 months later.   He’ll care nothing about his future job and security being outsourced.   It’s the classic story of the Fox in the Hen House, not realizing that by eating up all the chickens today, there will be no hatched eggs and food for tomorrow.

While it may seem extreme, the news and media surrounding our youth of today are doubly pointed in their agenda.  Why do record labels funnel so much money into Niki Minaj, Chris Brown and Drake, those whose lifestyle show nothing but empty greed, abuse and gang related mischief?  Is that the message we really need to send to inner-city kids, that crooning about women in tight legged jeans and beating them equals success?

Do we really need our college-seeking sons to have their music of inspiration be all these voluptuous, autotuned tramps, screeching much about nothing and performing heavily edited dance numbers?   Name one talented band for this generation and I will believe President Bush was the most noble president of all time.

My friends, Psy Gangnam Style is a dangerous to our culture and our youth.  There is a reason within the last two weeks, there were polls showing a 14% increase in college men who agree with Mitt Romney’s economic policy.  Songs like Psy Gangnam style are glittering gold in front of them, making them lose sight of the big picture.  In the race of life, fleshy temptations can and will be used as a slight of hand.  And today, it’s your son whose the audience of the producer in the big, black wide-brimmed hat.

[quote]“As our mindless youth become such that as our society cowers in ignorant fear and habit, our future wealth, jobs and lifestyle can be outsourced to other nations.” – Sterling Manchester, II[/quote]


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  • THAT IS NOT JUSTIN BIEBER!!! That is the DREAMY Harry from One Direction. And yes, One Direction puts your little Beatles to shame. Just look at YouTube. One Direction is better because they have more views on their videos.

    • Hahaahahahahahahahahaaa. This is too stupid to be serious

    • lady you have offically gone insane just becuase more views doesnt mean better look at justin bieber he is horrible yet the most veiwed video on te planet so lady never on this planet will they reach beatles satus

  • You call yourself a professor? Psy is Korean, not Japanese. If you can’t even research that right, then you can’t be expected to understand the hilarious irony of the song as it pokes fun at the rich/elitest “Gangnam” lifestyle. Shame on you, sir. I’ll wait while you remove your ignorant foot from your pseudo intellectual mouth.

    • Sterling Manchester

      My friend, please don’t let these modern corporate types pull a sleight of hand here. They are mass-producing this cruddy music and passing it off as pertinent entertainment, when the bigger issue is that it’s meant to subvert and brainwash the minds of our youth. Don’t you see that? They may call this band here ‘K-pop’, but if you watch the video and subtitles you can see it is actually an invention of wealthy Chinese investors who distribute music through Japan. There is a massive music conglomerate forming between the nations of South Korea, China and Japan. China is masterminding the movement, but if you look deep enough I can assure you’ll find outsource happy guys like Bain Capital and even George Bush with their hands in the coffer dough.

      • Excuse me, but PSY is part of a Korean label called YG and has nothing to do with China or Japan. Oh wait, he recently signed a contract with an AMERICAN label so does that mean the USA is masterminding this movement?

      • and as for the title of your article… J-pop refers to Japanese language pop music while K-pop refers to Korean language pop music…. There’s a subtle difference if you know what I mean… Please change the title of your article to avoid further embarrassment….

        • Dr.Chalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

          I’ve seen people trolled. I’ve seen people trolled hard. But I’ve never seen anyone trolled this hard.

  • This is K-Pop, not J-pop. please learn the difference before you post another inane idiotic article.

    • Lavey Weil, this song is clearly J-Pop. Did you not see where the article proved the point?

      • ……………………… there’s a distinct difference between J-pop and K-pop and gangnam style is K-pop NOT J-pop……. dumb ass

  • is this sh*t real ? lmao, troll site

  • J-pop refers to Japanese Popular Music (the term coined back in the 1980s) whilst K-pop stands for Korean Popular Music. With that said, Psy (Park Jae-Sang) is a South Korean native. There are stark differences between the Japanese and Korean (Hangul) languages and quite a bit of differences in music styles.

    The company responsible for the music, production, distribution, marketing, etc… is YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment is based out of South Korea and has subsidiaries in the US, Japan, and throughout Asia. Nobody who worked on the song is Japanese or Chinese. And if you claim that it should be please provide references for your accusations.

    As a matter of fact, much of Japan shunned the worldwide phenomenon.

    As for the video that you watched, you were probably watching a Japanese subbed/translated version of it just like there are Spanish, German, and Portuguese translated versions as well.

    I do not like to trash articles that people write but this is riddled with inaccuracies, no references, and blanket accusations.

  • I reeeeally hope this is not for real….so firstly….if people want to argue that this is jpop…I would like to add that GANGNAM is a city in SOUTH KOREA. and there is a difference between jpop and kpop so whoever argued otherwise is an idiot. (J-apanese pop and K-orean pop). And thirdly, this article is pretty twisted and racist if you ask me. Thank you to all the educated and non-ignorant folks who argued CORRECTLY against this article. And for those for this article…get educated and stop discriminating and generalizing.

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